Save the Flapper!

Whilst it may just be talk, it is of an unsavoury nature. Those familiar with the music scene in Birmingham will be very familiar with the Flapper & Firkin. This canal-side building is home to a large pub kitted out with your traditional pub games and vintage arcade games. Additionally, and more importantly, it holds downstairs one of the finest venues for underground bands around.

The Flapper has provided a stage for many bands looking to make their way in the music industry, as well as an apt watering hole for those bands who are touring; the ones who rely on t-shirt sell outs to earn their bread. This building and venue may not be pretty on the eye, to some, but it has provided some exceptionally memorable moments for both band and spectator.

If you are a patron, you may hear the rumblings of activity downstairs, and chance your bets. A fiver (price varies) gets you inside the venue and you discover your new favourite band, you buy their CD, you make their evening as they have made yours. As audience members, there is the band you paid for – albeit it may be your mate’s deathcore project, but to help there is a bar both up and downstairs.

I myself have been to the Flapper countless times, both as a performer and audience member. If the rumours are true and it is to be demolished in favour of apartments, then please do all you can to prevent that reality.  At the bottom, I attach the relevant petition drawn up by on Will Edwards, which will be delivered to Birmingham City Council.

I hope to see the Flapper stand for many years. It is a gateway for the youth and a port of reliability.

Sign the petition to save the Flapper!


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