In Dante’s Eclipse – City of Wolves

West Midlands goth-rockers In Dante’s Eclipse has released the follow up to Obey the Sun, with City of Wolves. This will be the band’s third studio release, whilst it is the first to feature all current band members with writing credits. The inclusion of Marlon Urch (Guitar) and Damian John (Bass), known for their work with progressive metal band Severed Tieshas added an increased aggression and technicality to the mix; their work in tandem with IDE stalwarts has not only offered the most complex release but also their most mature.

Asides from the immediate aggression to the music, vocalist Hal has added further “gruffness” to his voice. The first song proper, ‘Black & Blue’ demonstrates this in the opening passages. He said that the album is about lashing out, and this anger is conveyed in his performance. However, he can add more subtleties in his clean singing, as shown on the closer ‘Too Late,’ which also demonstrates the diverse music on offer.

Despite the aggression, there is also a greater focus on the melodies, as evidenced by ‘The Devil Inside‘, which could easily have been the single of the record. The title track immediately follows this and couldn’t be better placed. It opens in the style of a traditional post-hardcore anthem and is arguably the most dynamic song on the record. There’s still groove on this EP though, ‘Drift‘ plays in such a way.

Despite having five tracks, it is still quite short. There is, however, substantial evidence of the band’s capabilities to perform metal songs akin to Asking Alexandria, and Wednesday 13, but also display effective melody and subtlety like Type O Negative. It is the latter which is a more difficult craft. The theatrics that IDE may have been associated with before have began to recede in their maturity, but in turn their craft has come to the fore, making this the their most seminal piece of work to date. As this release solidifies the new lineup, it would arguable that this represents a restart of In Dante’s Eclipse, and City of Wolves can be treated as their new debut.

The start of the year saw the band open for Doyle of The Misfits, and now City of Wolves was released on April the 1st 2017 as a digital download via Niggrum Cattus PR.

The band are awaiting the release of their lyric video for the title track, whilst also playing local shows in Birmingham and Wolverhampton. They can be found at the link below whilst all their music can be found on Spotify and iTunes.

Bandcamp • Facebook Twitter Instagram



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