Listening Playlist – March 2017

Here is what I have been listening to throughout the Month of March. There was some Summer sun towards the end and with that a change of pace in music. Therefore, here is a rather eclectic, but challenging, list.

I hope you enjoy and hope you find something for you.

1. Bossk – I II (Reissue)

I missed out on the Holy Roar Records subscribers version of this. But it didn’t deter me from having a look at it. It also affirmed the record label’s prestige for me. If you like Russian Circles and the like you will probably like this band. The reissue combines two of their earlier EPs (.1 and .2). They are not entirely instrumental, and when the vocals are used it is to the songs benefit. Extraordinary, consider this one on vinyl. Check out their album Audio Noir as well.

2. MastodonEmperor of Sand

In my opinion, a poor Mastodon album is still a fantastic album. I’m not too sure where this sits in their back catalogue. Like their other records, I need time for this to sink in. I hope it isn’t chewing gum, and the flavour lasts for a while. But the first time I listened to it, I was happy.

3. Creeper – Eternity, in Your Arms

This band have been pushed and pushed and pushed. The difference is, it was by reputable sources, notably the That’s Not Metal Podcast. With such hype, I tend to get a bit dissuaded, but I genuinely want an album to prove me wrong. This album did that, and whilst my reaction is still rather subdued, in the context, it is fantastic.  I hope other bands earn the same support.

4. Pallbearer – Heartless

Doom music seems to be on the rise. Tom Dare recently said how aggressive vocals can sometimes ruin even the heaviest of songs. I feel like this with Pallbearer, I am pleased that clean vocals are all over this album as it doesn’t make a heavy album heavier, but it makes it more interesting. Really powerful stuff.

5. King WomanCreated in the Image of Suffering

I said to someone “imagine if Lana del Rey was in a doom band” or perhaps if Lucifer were slowed down. Whatever, it is cool. The title is savage and the artwork is brutal, the music rounds it off nicely.

6. Mystery WeekendSurprise!

Who would have thought a pop-punk Protest the Hero would work so well. To be honest, it makes perfect sense. A bit more punk than pop and still has the aggression that PTH have but even catchier.

7. Can’t Swim – Fail You Again

This is a fantastic album. It arguably pop-punk but certainly more edgy.

8. HarkMachinations

Lots and lots of riffs here and the perfect warm-up to the Mastodon record.

9. Zeal and ArdorDevil is Fine

Gang/slave-chant metal music is an awesome premise. But it shouldn’t be too surprising how well it works. Given rock music’s history genesis in blues music, and metal an evolution of rock music, it is in effect a full circle. With the artwork as well, it certainly has a timeless quality to it.

10. Ohhms – The Fool

Doom, sludge, post-rock stuff. Songs that are longer than ten minutes, and they’re supporting Bossk on an upcoming tour. Another great release from Holy Roar Records



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