Albums of the Year 2016 – 5-2

5. David BowieBlackstar

Earlier this year the world lost one of its greatest talents. It’s a pleasure that he gave us this glorious piece of music before he left this plane. This, like Nick Cave, is an album to be respected, as there is more to this than songs. Out of all the significant musical losses in 2016 this one was the earliest, and is still the one which hurts most. Bowie was a genuine star and his music encompasses, in my belief, aspects of the entirety of human emotion. This album perfectly reflects the final chapter.

4. The Dillinger Escape PlanDissociation

Despite the introduction, this one truly is the end of an era. Bidding farewell to one of the world’s most exciting, vicious, and aggressive bands is tough. Their final album, though, is a triumph and the legacy they leave behind is a proud one. It took a while for me to like this band, but they are a group who, no matter how bonkers they appear to get, deserve applause for what they’ve created. Some consider this to be their greatest album, and to have that kind of send off from your fanbase is incredible.

3. GojiraMagma

There’s just something about this band. I love a lot of bands and sadly going round with ‘the Claw’, growling “GOJIRA” is a genuine hobby of mine … I know. This album follows on from Mastodon releasing The Hunter; after one of their most challenging releases they strip it all back and write an album full of killer songs. Gojira  still maintains their aggressiveness, however, and their ability to change the dynamic of a song on a whim. This a radio-friendly rager, and if your radio can’t handle it, well you probably don’t deserve to listen to music.


2. Cult of Luna & Julie ChristmasMariner

This album has everything. Intensity, dynamics, emotion, and body-crushing musical passages. Cult of Luna released the critically acclaimed Vertikal and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them top that. Including Julie Christmas was a stroke of genius, as their instrumental sound has not changed; the overall sound though, has taken on a new life. This album is one to be embraced, but it’s a captivating, haunting, and emotional journey.


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