Albums of the Year 2016 – 10-6


10. RadioheadMoon Shaped Pool

Quant, delicate, and emotional. No I’m not talking about myself when I was 15, it’s the new Radiohead album. It’s great stuff and really pulls on my Steven Wilson heartstrings.

9. HeckInstructions

Best live band? Possibly, quite possibly. Great record but even better when you see them live. They absolutely destroy it. I think this album is this high purely because of how much respect I have for them live and how much I do not want them to eat me. It’s loud as Hell, and bites harder than a starved rottweiler.

8. letlive.If I’m the Devil …

Dropping traditional hardcore and approaching something with a more defined melody. It will certainly impact with the masses more than their other releases, but it doesn’t detract from their ability, nor their message.

7. Nick Cave & the Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree

This album is beautiful. Filled with emotion, and demands significant reflection. This is an album you sit down and listen to, and experience; one you should respect.

6. The Black QueenFever Daydream

Hi Greg wonder if I’ll see you later? It’s a curve ball from the muscle-bound warrior who jumps off balconies and takes poos on stage (one time … maybe). This electronica piece showcases Greg’s talents in other realms of music, and it’s great to see someone from metal’s heaviest bands explore other fields, and successfully. This isn’t just an electronic album by a guy who listened to the Pet Shop Boys that one time, or someone who owned a Joy Division shirt talking about feelings; this is real.


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