Aktaion Release New Music Video for Walrus March

From Sweden comes the new music video, created by Jens Norén  for ‘Walrus March’ by Aktaion, from their second album “The Parade of Nature“. The video is a censored version, with an uncensored edit coming at a later date.

The video features the band performing on a darkened stage whilst images of war and animals (presumably) fighting are cut between the shots. In mostly grainy black and white, the video seems to capture human military combat and the mechanisation of that fighting which blends so well with metal music. The animal combat providing a balance, showing how both animal and human are capable of acts of barbarity. Perhaps not the message that the band intended, though the uncensored version may yield more information.

You can purchase the album “The Parade of Nature” on their Bandcamp page, digitally, as a CD, or a CD and t-shirt bundle.

The band began in 2015, releasing their debut album “Throne“, with the heavy side being praised by the Wyrd Ways Rock Show. The new album features guest performances from Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy, Armageddon) as well as Joey Concepcion (Dead by Wednesday,Armageddon).


They also toured in the first half of 2016 visiting the northern and eastern parts of Europe as well as the Balkans; the latter as part of the Mantra Balkan Tour 2016 among KrysthlaThy DiseaseHate and the legendary Decapitated, visiting thirteen cities in nine different countries.

They will tour Europe again in 2017.


Francis Larsson – Guitars
Jonas Snäckmark – Vocals
Axel Croné – Bass
Jonatan Ney – Guitar and vocals



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