Howling Giant – Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1


If there’s one thing to be said of the bands that encompass the stoner rock and metal genre, it is that they pick some extraordinarily brilliant band names and album titles. Howling Giant come from Nashville, Tennessee, and their mission statement is within their band name, to sound like a loud beast. Despite only being a trio, there is a great amount of strength in their songs which will not only cause people with the strongest under bites to bang their heads to single ‘Mothership’, but concurrently demonstrate an understanding of melody within the, mostly, dirty music.

The EP itself represents four scenes from a concept; the pinnacle of mankind, exodus from Earth, the Black Hole Space Wizard (Metal A.F.) destroying everything, and a lone survivor trapped on Mother Earth. Each song within that touches on various genres; progressive, groove, speed and doom, respectively. They aren’t so far apart from each other and Howling Giant manage to combine these genres within their own hard rock and metal umbrella.

Howling Giant - press photo - web

Band like BaronessRed Fang, and notable Mastodon have demonstrated the ability to shift between genres, yet retain their core. It is evident that Howling Giant aim to do a similar thing, with an emphasis on things more cosmic. Despite having the image of a 1970s Horror B-Movie there is a definite modern twist to their music.

Though it doesn’t break much new ground, it is great to see a newer band providing a refreshing outlook in the genre. Given time, and continued consistency this band could release the next Crack the Skye, a newer Stag, or their own uncomparably glorious entity. Here’s hoping for the latter.

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