Chameleon Technology – Black Canvas (EP)

Chameleon Technology (a.k.a. ChamTech), was founded in August 2009 and subsequently released a 5 track EP, entitled Aquatic. The membership of the band is entirely comprised on one man, Max Histrionic, who performs vocals, guitars, bass guitar, and percussion for ChamTech. It was in the summer of 2015 when Histrionic decided to pursue a one-man, live stage show to work with ChamTech, and he does this by using high-quality audio of real bass and drums, synced with a live action video of Histrionic performing the instruments, which are then projected next to him playing guitar and singing live.


The 2016 release of Black Canvas (EP) is intended to set ChamTech apart from earlier iterations, and to develop the song-writing into more ‘progressive, rich and lyrically-aware pieces.’ ChamTech released a music video for the title track, which also serves as their lead single. It is also the longest song on the EP by considerable distance, and also is the band’s most interesting song off the EP.

The previous 4 tracks represent various forms of punk and progressive based rock music, in short concise burst; three of those songs are under 2 minutes in length. Despite being progressive in name ‘No Safe Word’,  ‘Serin’s Vending’ and ‘Lifestyle Science’ demonstrate an embrace of more punk values, highlighted by their aggressiveness. ‘Self Repair’ begins to add more grungier elements, before ‘Blank Canvas’ rounds off the EP in stellar fashion.

Live Guitar

Undoubtedly the most progressive, and experimental element of ChamTech is in their live show, and it is likely there that this music can be appreciate at its fullest. Without such a spectacle though, it is an enjoyable EP, and definitely showcases plenty of potential for the future of ChamTech.

Use the links below to get the Blank Canvas EP from their BandCamp and SoundCloud, and follow Chameleon Technology on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Max Histrionic Avatar


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