Albums of the Year, 2015: Notable EPs/Mini-Albums

EPs were few and far between in my listening, or not very good. There were however two notable EPs released that are fantastic.

Sikth – Opacitiesoriginal

They’ve allegedly called it a ‘mini-album’ but for arguments sake it’s an EP. This one came about pretty late in the year, pretty unexpectedly from my reckoning too. It’s a masterclass though, absolutely sublime. Each and every track, even the bizarre spoken word “Tokyo Lights“, offers something special and unique.

Sikth are renowned for their influence on the genre of ‘djent’ and their proficiency in technical instrumentals, on ‘Opacities‘ they don’t let that pressure daunt them and absolutely smash it.

There doesn’t even need to be an album; if EPs can be released more regularly than an album then there’s every chance that they’ll be more refined than an album, with no chance of filler; only room for absolute killer.

Read more in my review.

Arcane Roots – Heaven and Earth

Arcane-Roots I didn’t get a chance to review this one but they quickly became one of my favourite bands of the year with this short EP. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see them live.

It’s really heavy in some parts, but not unrelenting screaming. There are many huge choruses, and progressive rock influenced soundscapes, it’s the mix of these elements that make it special. A band coming along going ‘look we play soft, and then heavy, and sing, then scream’ is nothing new, but Arcane Roots excel at this blend.

 For fans of progressive metal, djent, and alternative rock to an extent. Hopefully the EP is a sign that huge things are on the horizon, another tour would be nice as well.


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