Albums of the Year 2015 – Notable and Absent Albums

I’ve been listening to some albums that haven’t made the top list but there are reasons. I simply didn’t listen to them throughout the year, or connect with them immediately, or in the same way as the ones listed, or even so … I just didn’t listen to them enough. I’ve compiled a list of them and added notes to some; these albums are all decent but just needed to be listened to a little bit more, or only just failed to make the cut.

Here are some of the notable albums:

  • Faith No More – Sol Invictus – Dat rhythm section mate
  • Raised Fist – From the North – It’s really really really fun; I couldn’t sleep after listening to it. Absolutely pumped.
  • Skindred – Volume – The ever reliable, always pack a punch and have enough songs to get moving
  • Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful – Really started listening to hip-hop, but this was really the only new piece I listened to this year
  • Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves – Echoes of Royal Blood, but more a popular rock band they’ve got themselves a cracking debut. So much so I bought it on vinyl.
  • Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic – I’d written my list by the time I remembered this album only came out a few months ago. Fantastic musicians, just listen to go “bloody hell”.

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