Albums of the Year 2015 – #6 Lucifer – Lucifer I

6. Lucifer – Lucifer I

Lucifer-Lucifer-I If you’ve been paying attention to my site you’ll know I REALLY like guitar riffs. I LOVE guitar riffs. If you also paid closer attention you’d know my love of the band Ghost … they are rather satanic. Therefore it is no surprise that when Lucifer came around with my friend submitted the tagline of “mate … riffs” I thought I’d enjoy it.

Enjoy it I did. Whilst slightly less catchy and obscure than other “riff based” music on this list; the darkness to it, and the throw-backs to the early days of traditional heavy metal are key aspects I loved. It’s not overly “new”, but I don’t have a problem with throw backs, just because you’re out of your time doesn’t make you bad, and Lucifer should prove people of that.


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