Albums of the Year 2015 – #2 Leprous – The Congregation

2. Leprous – The Congregation


I thought I hadn’t heard of this band prior to this album, turns out I had, but for a considerable amount of the year this was the best new band I’d heard. As a progressive rock piece it’s absolutely fantastic, rhythmical intricacy and emphatic choruses are the raw basis of this album, but the multi-textured layers make it so much more.

I’m half tempted to say that if I didn’t have such an emotional connection with my number one this could have taken the slot.

The Congregation” is almost in two halves, with each offering a slightly different take on the body as a whole. If you’re unsure you’ll like it listen to ‘Rewind‘ and ‘The Flood‘ and if you aren’t taken aback by it’s sheer power then you’ll have to see a doctor I’m afraid. Phwoar.

Read my original review here

Enjoy the drumming on this one!



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