Sikth – Opacities



It’s been a long wait for the latest Sikth record, but the near decade wait has finally brought ‘Opacities‘.  Recognised as one of the most significant contributors to the djent movement there is undoubted significant anticipation, and a huge amount of expectation. Sikth manage to assure that the audience’s faith has been placed well, and doubters are well and truly silenced. This EP is an absolute stormer, and it’s hard to single our individual songs as from front to back is killer.

It’s easy to talk about “Philistine Philosophies“, the lead single, and that’s the best starting point for a new listener, especially if you’re a fan of Korn; “Behind the Doors” opens the EP so well though, and “Days are Dreamed” also shows the diversity of the band, and their unwillingness to be cornered into one category.

originalIt’s one of the strongest releases of the year and it’s a shame it isn’t longer. Perhaps to its benefit, but this will be getting replayed so many times even the digital copy might start to wear. ‘Opacities‘ demonstrates Sikth‘s sheer class, talent, and majesty and whilst expectations are high, they’ll more than likely look at that expectation, laugh, and climb even higher.

Verdict – 9/10 – In the words of Nigel Thornberry, “smashing”, absolutely “smashing”


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