Monster Jaw – Why? (2015) – Single Review

MJ new pic DSC05668West Yorskhire band Monster Jaw have announced that they are splitting up. It is an amicable breakup however and as a farewell they have released a new single ‘Why?‘ to represent their epitaph.

The song begins very low key before smashing into an explosive hard rock middle section. It is in the vein of hard rock, psychedelically and alternative rock. Shades of Smashing Pumpkins and The Pineapple Thief come to mind. It is not radically different to their other music, but as a final track to be released it’s a soothing and fitting farewell, the emotion the band feel is clearly evident throughout the song.

It features guest vocals from Justin Sullivan (New Model Army) and poet Joolz Denby. “Front-man” Mik Davis took on the production duties and said the song was an oppertunity to ‘re-visit our roots and channel some of our anger and frustration at the world around us.’

You can listen to ‘Why?‘ at the band’s SoundCloud page.

Monster Jaw can also be accessed via their website:


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