Avant Garde – No Love Lost (2015) – Single Review

Avant Garde proclaim they were formed through the members “distaste for squeaky clean pop music.” You certainly won’t be finding any thing squeaky, nor clean, on their new single ‘No Love Lost.‘ The single itself comes with a mellower b-side entitled ‘Down.

Production wise it’s clear the band need to invest. The drums are the most lacking sound, though bass could definitely be touched up. The guitar gets away it however due to the grungey, dirty vibe of the music.

The main single itself is a short, alt. rock piece that rings like early Oasis with less bite.  Despite it’s woefully short length it is an enjoyable glimpse into the sound produce by Avant Garde. It’s simplistic but heavily driven by it’s structure and vocal melodies, both of which are achieved remarkably.

Down‘ has a more ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper‘ vibe, clearly embracing more of the band psychedelic influences. Again the emphasis on melody and song structure, with no over complication, are prevalent here. Being a b-side hopefully won’t mean it’s relegated to the song heap as this is a contender to be a better song than the lead single.

No Love Lost‘ and ‘Down‘ are two well written songs that should entertain any crowd. With a little bit more added into the production this band have built themselves a decent sound to work off. It’s not strikingly original and won’t blow anyone’s sock off but they’re heading in a solid direction.


No Love Lost‘ is free to download on the band’s SoundCloud.

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.


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