Puscifer – Money Shot (2015) – Album Review

Most of these releases actually came out in October 2015

Puscifer – Money Shot


It’s probably unfair on Maynard James Keenan that A Perfect Circle and Puscifer will always come with references to Tool. For that I apologise, but in the wake of more conclusive and intriguing news of Tool‘s future, albeit long overdue on a non-skeptical update, it’s unsurprising that the project which gave Maynard stardom is so frequently mentioned. That said Puscifer is an entity in itself and Money Shot is a further mature development away from it’s comedic origins.

‘Galileo‘ is a beautiful composition and it’s electronic undertones balanced by a male (Maynard) and female (Carina Round) duet present a curious and somewhat captivating introduction to an album that, title and cover responsible, one may feel is somewhat misplaced. ‘Agostina‘ continues in a similar vein before ‘Grand Canyon‘  incorporates a bass guitar prominently and Maynard‘s soothing vocals and Round‘s haunting chorus makes this song arguably the most interesting on the album. That is before the compelling spoken-word introduction to ‘Simultaneous‘ which introduces a near 7 minute passage of music; it is definitely thought-provoking and is not a song for enjoyment but reflection.

Reflection seems to be the best thing to take out of Money Shot. Asides from the title track there isn’t a real course of adrenaline running through the album, but that is hardly a bad thing.

This album is dark, yet relaxing and to a degree soothing. There’s less humour, but it’s still definitely there; the title and its eponymous track, the album artwork, ‘Life of Brian (Apparently you Haven’t Seen)‘ are some examples of where humour still exists. It may not hit initially but the first three tracks, ‘Simultaneous‘ and ‘The Arsonist‘ are all really enjoyable and fascinating. Puscifer is its own entity, inside Maynard‘s hyperactive and powerful brain.

Verdict 8/10 – It takes a while to sink, but once the album has fully sank in it’s easy to see how enjoyable and emotional it is


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