October 2015, Album Reviews Part 2 – Graveyard, Innocence and Decadence; Deafhaven, New Bermuda;



Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence


A highly underrated band. This album is dirtier than previous releases but noticeably softer in parts. It may take some a while to get into but the traditional blues elements combining with doom form a curious thread of music that, despite the resurgence in traditional rock n roll music, there aren’t too many bands like Graveyard. The singers voice is more recognisably brilliant on this record too, his soothing tones and then raspy screams



Deafhaven – New Bermuda


Speed-metal and shoe-gazing isn’t something that one would initially desire. But after careful thought it’s perhaps the contrasting themes that make this sound so unique. It’s so heavy that those outside of speed and black metal won’t really understand what’s going on, but the softer sections show the dynamic quality Deafhaven possess. Somewhat uplifting in some parts as well, despite the aggressiveness.




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