October 2015, Album Reviews Part 1 – Clutch, Psychic Warfare; Coheed and Cambria, The Color Before the Sun;

Clutch – Psychic Warfare


There’s a certain standard of Clutch records that they are expected, but in reality it’s less of an expectation that it may seem. On each and every record Clutch must perform songs that are exciting, that the crowd enjoy, and perhaps most importantly, that the band seem to enjoy. Psychic Warfare is once again another release of really enjoyable music, and pulsating rhythms throughout. More punk and less blues, if one wants to compare to their previous record. Definitely an album that most people can appreciate, or can at least jump around like a mentalist to.

Coheed and Cambria – The Colour Before the Sun


Coheed have an extensive catalog now and their merging of technical, progressive, music and pop-punk melody is still finding ground to create brand-new, and original music. Sanchez‘s voice is not as high as it once was but with his pitch lowering (it’s still bloody high) he has honed his voice into a more comfortable sound. It’s a shame to see a band who master a popular sound never gain the plaudits, worldwide, they deserve. The Color Before the Sun will hopefully gain them some ground but, whilst it is great, it is not perfect. The Afterman was good but stretched, The Color of the Sun might be their best, and most stable effort, since Good Apollo; or maybe their best effort to date.


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