Trivium – Silence in the Snow (2015) – Album Review



Trivium‘s career has been a great pain to watch. With very on off album releases it’s been a struggle for them to establish the metal dominance they desire, and the world desires them to have. “Silence in the Snow” aims to resurrect Trivium again after the hole in the road that “Vengeance Falls” was, it fails to do this however, and instead keeps them struggling up the same hill they never appear to get one album higher than.

After “In Waves” Trivium showed their capabilities to alter their sound, return to familiar sounds, and expand. They needed to continue their momentum and unfortunately if their next record isn’t short of extraordinary they’ll be stuck in purgatory forever. It is regrettable to scorn “Silence in the Snow”, but no one is saying “it’s awful and they aren’t talented” but rather that they can do more, so why not, where is that missing connection and how can they only perform sufficiently on a few albums?

Verdict – 4/10 – More is needed, Trivium are capable of way more than this. 


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  1. nickgreensreviews says:

    Yes, I agree with you in some respects. I liked In Waves, didn’t like Vengrance Falls of how the mix sounded but I like that Matt (vocally) is doing another The Crusade type album — something completely different.


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