September 2015, Album Reviews Part 1 – Black Tongue, The Unconquerable Dark; Parkway Drive, Ire; Shinedown, Threat to Survival;

Black Tongue – The Unconquerable Dark


If you’re an average listener to heavy music this will probably be the heaviest thing you’ll listen to in your entire life. Sludge and doom and all things horrible. It’s mad that a record can be describe with so many ugly adjectives, that actually complement it. Foul, loud, and down right disgusting, The Unconquerable Dark  will tear you apart, and if you don’t like it, it’s already angry about it. Unrelenting, big things from these guys.

Parkway Drive – Ire


Definitely changed from their earlier stuff but they’d pretty much dominated all there was to do with brutal breakdowns. Ire is slightly different in that it isn’t wall to wall brutality, it is however still a great record and has enough thumping patterns on to keep the fans happy and see those pits open up.

Shinedown – Threat to Survival


Probably better than Amaryllis, or at least less pop driven, but it is not overly rock driven; It’s sort of an awkward in between that isn’t bad, but isn’t great. Probably just a bang average album, without wanting to insult the lads. They’ve written some great, popular, songs in the past but there aren’t many on Threat to Survival. An alright addition to the repertoire, but maybe an entire revamp is needed.


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