Paradise Lost – The Plague Within (2015) – Album Review



Paradise Lost released “The Plague Within” earlier this month. The album is notable for its heavy emphasis on the band’s ‘Doom’ roots. Returning to roots can not always yield decent results, but Paradise Lost are comfortably in control of their destiny, and the direction of the band.

The opener is memorable in that it lays out some clear groundwork for the remainder of the album. ‘No Hope In Sight’ features Nick Holmes‘ versatile harsh and clean vocals, combining with churning riffs and an easily enjoyable melody. This format benefits from being dark enough, yet should not deter listeners unfamiliar to this aspect of music (within reason). The explorations in ‘death metal’ that many of the band members undertook can be heard in some elements here, yet at no point does it feel as though Paradise Lost are trying to take the best parts of their projects and make them work here; “The Plague Within” stands above, and proud.

The album doesn’t drop the pace, and continues to excel throughout its 50 minute length. What some could argue would be to its benefit, are only opinion, as “The Plague Within” does not have any glaring mistakes, and is instead consistent in its journey.


Verdict 8/10 – A solid body of work, enjoyable from start to finish, and sounds better on repeat.



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