‘Please Stand By…’


Please Stand By (1)

It’s no secret that Bethesda have been the main discussion in the gaming community for the past 24 hours. All because of a countdown. The main speculation is that it is a teaser, or announcement for their upcoming, and highly anticipated, release of Fallout 4. The truth of it can now be revealed…

Fallout 4 is confirmed. BethesdaSoftworksUK released a video on their YouTube channel just moments ago. There’s almost no point really talking about it apart from being in awe that after 7 years of waiting Fallout 4 has been promised. According to the channel “Tune into Bethesda’s E3 Showcase on Sunday, June 14th at 7:00pm PT to see the world premiere of the game.” This will be where the news really follows, all that can be discussed now is wild speculation.

IGN confirms that the game will take place in The Commonwealth, their version of Massachusetts.

Whilst there is not a whole lot of information to go on there is a lot to draw from the trailer. Check out the images below, and remember to stay following here and at Bethesda’s websites to get all the information on Fallout 4.

Dog 2



Likely the vault you emerge from if the latter image is any indication… not necessarily true, however.



Interesting technology. Looks like something off of Treasure Planet


The infamous power armour, with free bobble-head.


Likely the player character (who will obviously be personalised to the player). Note the Vault-111 jumpsuit, as well as the dog from the earlier still, meaning we likely have a canine companion with us, which is always fantastic.


The only image that really matters. Hope everyone is excited and looking forward to the release of Fallout 4. Don’t forget the showcase at E3 on the 14th of June.


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