Toto – Toto XIV (2015) – Album Review


Toto  possess an incredible status, though whilst the majority of people would struggle to name a song beyond ‘Africa’ they hold a great deal of quality. It may be a case of unlocking it instead of finding it. A lot of ”Toto XIV” has the build of a classic album from the 80s; the opening three songs capture the fundamentals of groove, emotion and song construction, and are also fantastically catchy.

There seems to be a problem however, in that Toto can’t seem to nail a song into the head as brilliant. They can write melodies and be clever, but can never seem to exploit them to their up most advantage. It’s a shame as there is genuine talent that has been here for years, but never truly recognised.

That being said it’s a really enjoyable album, and whilst Toto seem to be missing the prestige they are likely deserved, it’s good to see a collection of artists remain confident in their music and what they do.

Verdict – 7/10 – Another solid addition to the repertoire, enjoyable for progressive music fans and a warm entrance for the unfamiliar. 


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