American Sniper (2014) – Film Review


American Sniper has many positives, but sadly the negatives are more easily touched upon. The negatives rarely involve the actual film, but rather the surrounding controversies.

Bradley Cooper‘s performance of Chris Kyle is commendable and further removes him from the comedies that brought him his fame. However, upon realisation of the discourse regarding Kyle it’s hard to accept the vision of the compassionate, and regretful soldier, in the face of what could potentially be reality. The artistic license is not only bent, but ripped apart. The same can go for the story as well, at times it’s emotive and enjoyable but at others it obviously addresses the justification of the Invasion of Iraq; whilst it may not be intentional, the connotations cannot be brushed over.

The film is good, it’s not brilliant, but the controversy does not help it’s case. If you want to enjoy this film don’t read up on other people’s opinions anymore than this review has said. The book may be darker than it appears as well, whilst the film presents an almost regretful sniper on a mission of justice, the reality, as expected, can be somewhat more sinister.

Verdict 7/10 – American Sniper would have been far better addressing the controversies, instead of glancing over them; instead they decided to turn a controversial figure into a hero, it wouldn’t be the first time. 


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