Muse – Psycho (2015) – Single Review


Muse have unleashed their latest single, and video, to the usual division that is to be expected of their new material. The hardcore fans vs the mainstream fans. If anything this song should embody at least some of the characteristics of what both fans have come to enjoy and love about Muse.

The inclusion of the American military sequences no doubt have their place, at least in Muse‘s eyes, but it is slightly corny. However, there are the solid rock riffs that Muse are almost famous for. There’s a reason people say Royal Blood sound like a stripped back version of Muse, this song is an example of why. It doesn’t have the angst of early Muse releases and sadly they fail to stretch the boundaries whilst remaining relatively in the mainstream.

It is a single though and only serves as a taster, and it tastes good. It doesn’t taste particularly different, or exotic as some would wish; it does taste comfortable however. In light of Muse‘s willingness to cast out all degrees of evolution and do as they wish it’s nice to see something relatively calm, on the other hand it would be nice to see them kick the doors down without being overly self indulgent.

Like aforementioned it’s a single, and as a single stands, apart from the “your ass belongs to me” lyric and the seemingly forced aggression, it’s decent. Not fantastic, far from awful, and should not be as divisive as it is being. This likely subside when the trolls return to their bridge

Verdict 7/10 – Nothing wrong with riff-based music and it’s a joy to see Muse return to something more solid, now explore without showing off


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