Russell Brand – Revolution (2014) – Book Review



Don’t let the elitist put you off this book. It’s not the most politically intelligent book in existence, nor is it’s ideology entirely well thought out. However, it is enjoyable, funny and more importantly doesn’t falter too much in it’s seriousness. In the latter it does address it’s chosen topics with a degree of intelligence. It’s clear, regarding political institutions and the economy Brand is highly passionate about his beliefs. However, whilst his language gives the appearance of intelligence, there is a lack of clear idea in the direction he wishes to go. He makes it clear he does not need to be the one to instigate his desired Revolution; he instead needs to at least present a clearer ideology instead of a vague vision of utopia based on vague perceptions of our present, and expect someone else to piece together the jigsaw. Other political visionaries could be vague but there would definitely be more substance.

What Brand should have done instead was release something shorter, more concise, and at a time when he was still in the papers for his Revolution.

Verdict – 6/10 – Worth a read, but for a vision of a political utopia it is a rather nebulous augury


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