Birdman (2014) – Film Review


Funny and dramatic, Birdman is a great piece of art. The almost-single-shot technique used really helps integrate the viewer with the protagonist and to see the characters from his point of view, with no audience motivation.
Though it unintentionally mirrors Keaton’s own career it benefits him, the phoenix truly does rise and whilst Keaton’s character describes Birdman as Icarus, Icarus did not rise again.
Great performances from the cast, notably Keaton, Stone and Norton, and even Zach Galifianakis played his part well. Distribution of screen time between the cast is too, well done.
Somewhat pick from the recent wave of super hero movies pouring onto the silver screen to the point where there’s no emotion anymore. Birdman changes this.

Verdict – 9/10 – Fresh in all departments of film making


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