Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho (2015) – Album Review


There’s no denying that the magical spark that caused millions of teenagers to flock to Fall Out Boy has gone. It’s hard to stay young forever. Their latest release “American Beauty/American Psycho” does however expand on the last album. It’s less of a plea for profit and quick attention, there’s more substance here. The pop elements are still forcing their way over the original pop – punk template. It’s got it’s quirky moments (‘Uma Thurman’) but it’s mostly just a stab at rock radio dominance, a stab that will likely hit it’s mark but not do lasting damage. More soul than the last album, still lacking a soul, but as far as radio friendly rock goes it’s not wholly bad.

Verdict – 5/10 – The faithful will be kept happy, there are no classics here though, nothing longstanding and that’s it’s biggest failure.


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