Kendall Jones, The Proud Butcher


In case you aren’t familiar with Kendall Jones, like I was half an hour ago, she is a hunter. She has recently made headlines because of a “hot hunter” competition. There’s more to this than her being a disgusting person who kills animals but at the root it’s not that complicated.

She did this “Hot Hunter 2014” competition in an attempt to expose the sexism she faces, as the criticism she faces has nothing to do with her being a disgusting individual of course. Incredibly however, the competition faced an incredible online backlash which fueled Jones‘ fire more, as if she was begging for self-immolation.

Instead of yammering on I’ll try to talk about what I basically think.

Killing Animals Is Not Wrong – That’s part of life, in my opinion. I am not a vegetarian and do not plan to be, however I have never killed an animal and I am unsure if I could. Though I do believe it is necessary, especially for my diet. Jones apparently uses the meat from the slaughtered animal to feed nearby villages and her charitable work is flaunted about and garners a lot of attention towards the bleached blonde, make-up glad teenager, which obviously is not her idea as this isn’t about her.

Flaunting Your Kill Is Wrong – Parading death is wrong. Claiming it’s legal and such is irrelevant, slavery was once legal. This may be an extreme comparison but it is incredibly weird to flaunt a kill, perhaps that’s just my British heritage but I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with posing in a ‘selfie’ next to a historical monument, there’s something wholly wrong with posing for a ‘selfie’ next to a beautiful creature you murdered. Why don’t you kill a pig? What’s the difference? Jones considers herself better than a poacher, whilst at the root she may be. But, she publicises her charitable work, she gains a lot of attention and why? Well she’s right in one sense, she’s a woman. She’s a woman (barely) who presents herself as a bimbo, and acts controversial. This will make her money, her ambition to make a TV Show based on her Hot Hunter 2014 will DEFINITELY make her money, so at what point does this make her better than a poacher? She profits from an animals death when in reality she should not be earning any profit from her perverted and sadistic fetish.

You Have A Gun – You have a severe advantage over the animal. If I played tennis against a man with no racket the odds would slightly be in my favour (this isn’t the Hunger Games kids sorry). Why people are proud to kill a defenseless animal is beyond me. It’s probably jealously that the animal has a bigger cock than you. Jones calls the animal beautiful, how beautiful do they look with a bullet in their head and their brains leaking all over the floor, that’s part of them! Put that in the shot if you’ve got balls big enough. But then again, the lion has a bigger cock than all the humans, maybe we’re just jealous.

Animal Population Could Need Monitoring – There is a chance the population does need whittling down to keep everything flowing in nature’s natural order… wait a minute! In their defense that’s not unheard of. But that should be down to local governments, and then solicit legitimate hunters to begin work. Then the meat should be harvested to make sure their sacrifice for the glorious human race wasn’t in vain. It isn’t anyone’s right to murder these animals for their own enjoyment, regardless of how much charitable work follows. If you’re being charitable why are you taking a picture with the dead animal? Clearly these BRAVE hunters are thinking of themselves first, then the fame, with little regard for the human populace and none for the animal.


She won’t stop. Unless what she does actually becomes illegal, which it should. The elimination of animals does have it’s ridiculous reasons to why it should exists but it shouldn’t be allowed with free will. She’ll absorb the hate like the evil little hate succubus she is but in time she’ll fall from grace. Fame based on hate struggles to last and the only way she’ll be able to continue her fame after such a shaky start would be to release a sex tape and marry someone famous. She’d probably just go on about how both those activities involved men however.


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