Top 15 Albums of the Year, 2015 – #2: Opeth – Pale Communion

2. Opeth – Pale Communion


Opeth continue to annoy and divide their fans. I’m for it. Opeth have released the “best 70s prog rock album of 2014”. It is so inspired by that era of music it’s clear it’s the goal they’ve been striving for, for a while. It’s a lot like “Watershed” but without the metal elements; this is a rock album, a progressive rock album, barely heavy metal in anyway now. However, it’s in a good direction, “Heritage” was a bit too soft for Opeth or at least hadn’t evolved properly, “Pale Communion” makes up for this. Many “loyalists” will hate it but I don’t see the problem with it, then again it’s more my area than their earlier ‘death metal’ music. Definitely one for all the prog rock folks who still only listen to Marillion, Rush, and YesOpeth could rewrite what progressive rock music is, perhaps Steven Wilson will regret what he created? That’d only mean a Porcupine Tree reunion though, another reason to love this album.


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