Top 15 Albums of the Year, 2014 – #8: Soen – Tellurian

8. Soen – Tellurian


Soen‘s previous release “Cognitive” felt like an alternative to waiting for the next Tool album. The worst bit about it sounded so much like Tool was that it was still a really good album. However, “Tellurian“, though still not original, is further away from Tool; it does however sound more akin to Opeth. Again, this is hard to criticise because they sound similar to two of the greatest progressive rock and metal bands on the planet, two highly influential acts. Soen have already developed their sound massively and the wide influence of the current progressive and tech metal scene is evident.

I love something that astounds me subtly and “Tellurian” does this well. It’s definitely demanding instrumentally but it doesn’t seem inhuman, it’s attainable and that’s possibly what’s intoxicating about music like this. Despite the advanced sound, it feels organic. The vocals too are so soft and easy to listen to; sinking within the music as opposed to standing on their own.

An accurate analysis and exploration of dynamics, as ever, is the winner here.


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