Top 15 Albums of the Year, 2014 – #5: Royal Blood – Royal Blood

5. Royal Blood – Royal Blood


Definitely the most ‘popular’ act on my list this year. These guys are going to be huge. It’s rare that a rock album can be wall to wall stomping and attract interest from the niche rock market, and the mainstream radio market. Hopefully, their progression will be a smooth one and they won’t be selling out arenas TOO soon. Of course in time they will. With only a bass guitar, vocals, and drums there are limitations to what they can do. But at the same time in a time when guitar, and drum bands are starting thanks to The Black Keys, it’s great to see something do that with a twist. Instead of a guitar an an octave down, a bass and octave up. The resulting sound it something they’ve crafted themselves, there are inklings to Muse though. Yet, the album is short and crammed with anthems. Again, perhaps dynamics need to play a part in the future but their self-titled album is one of those exceptions where all the songs are played in the same ball park and it never gets tiring. Big, big things.


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