Top 15 Albums of the Year, 2014 – #12: Blueneck – King Nine

12. Blueneck – King Nine


I was asked to review this album for ThisIsNotAScene and I had never listened to them… or maybe him… before. It was so delicate and ambient, yet catchy and ever developing. It may be due to growing up; I feel drawn to acts that can impress me subtly instead of blistering guitar solos and an abhorrence of time signatures (evidently they still makes my mind explode). My interest in softer music was probably due to revising for essays, in which case, thank you ThisIsNotAScene and Blueneck for introducing me into the wider world of this strange “post-rock” world. It does remind me in parts of my favourite artist Steven Wilson. Whoever is behind Blueneck has a real penchant for developing simple, yet touching melodies. Incredibly dramatic.

‘Anything Other Than Breathing’ is one of the most beautiful songs to come out this year.


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