Quick Fire Music Reviews – November/December 2014

I missed many releases in the past month, or failed to post them on my site, so here is a quick summary of the various releases.

NickelbackNo Fixed Address


As what you’d expect. Cheesy, a little bit catchy, but ultimately annoying. They’ve got rid of the balls and added some Maroon 5. It’s no surprise it’s not enjoyable but there’s only so much stadium rock one can stomach before it starts to sound like desperation, craving attention, and half-arsed. The songs with Flo Rida being a particularly low point humanity’s history.

Verdict – 3/10 – If you don’t really like music you might like this, just don’t play it near people who actually care about music.

Machine HeadBloodstone & Diamonds


It’s certainly no “The Blackening” which the band are no doubt sick of hearing. It is, however, a grower and with a couple listens it can certainly be appreciated for being a decent album. Machine Head are certainly lacking that divine spark that brought them their most famous album; that they can deliver something decent without it a good sign.

Verdict – 7/10 – Enjoyable, but may take a while to appreciate


Foo FightersSonic Highways


Likely to be eaten up by all the loyalists but the problem with Foos is they have a couple stand out, brilliant songs, but a lot of filler. This album seems to be more a compilation, an experimentation. It might have failed…

Verdict – 5/10 – Not bad but not up to standard


Blueneck – King Nine


Review at ThisIsNotAScene


AC/DCRock or Bust


Review at ThisIsNotAScene


In This Moment – Black Widow


Review at ThisIsNotAScene


Judge for yourself though and pick up these albums at Amazon:


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