Interstellar (2014) – Film Review


The Nolan brothers can tick off science-fiction, epic adventure on their list of genre’s to dominate. After remastering the superhero genre and popularising mind-bending thrillers with Batman and Inception respectively the Nolan brothers, or rather Christopher, have shot into the limelight. Every utterance of news about a new release is eaten up and torn apart by the loyal and the cinephiles whilst the mass film consumers are hoping it’s as good as Batman.

Interstellar will have it’s fair share of critics, not good enough, tries to be too clever, isn’t clever enough, too much techo babble, not realistic. It doesn’t matter. It can be all of these and none but what it is, is a solid 160+ minutes of eye opening cinematic glory.

Visually it’s absolutely stunning, wide landscapes and a realistic, isolating depiction of space. Definitely comparable with 2001: A Space Odyssey and too an extent shares an equally baffling storyline in some degree, especially in the third act. The story did have it’s moments of “disaster movie” but all in all it was a beautifully told tale that was captivating and emotional in just the right balance.

People criticised it’s explanation of science-fiction elements, or techno-babble but in actuality it performs this well without sounding too ridiculous and seeming “somewhat plausible” despite the obvious fact that the various plot points are not at all possible. But, it’s science fiction, again… fiction, it doesn’t matter. It’s preached at being slightly more realistic but it’s not a documentary, it doesn’t matter. It was a realistic enough depiction of space to the common eye.

It’s an eye opener for sure but it also opens your mind and is also a highly emotive piece of art. In fact in many years time it’ll be heralded as a great, in a similar vein to 2001 possibly. It’s a benchmark in science-fiction… it’s also hard to articulate it’s brilliance into words

Verdict – 9/10 – It owes a lot to Kubrick, but the Nolan Brothers science fiction adventure is a world… a universe unto itself



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