Pink Floyd – The Endless River (2014) – Album Reivew


Pink Floyd‘s last song, dedicated to the late Richard Wright, is possibly not what everyone wishes nor hopes for. Mostly comprised of ambient and instrumental music there’s not a lot here to instantly fall in love with. The ambition and love for Wright can obviously be admired. However one cannot help but be put down by the lack of latching melody. Obviously it’s directed in a more ambient vibe, something that has been in the background of many Pink Floyd masterpieces, but it doesn’t wholly pay off and results in a semi-interesting jam but mostly leaving you with a desire for something more eye opening. There’s plenty of nostalgia moments, with certain passages invoking memories of previous Floyd experiences.

Perhaps this final swan song came off a little too personal for the fans to be involved. Die-hards will embrace it but for those outside of Floyd it may be a struggle. There is something beautifully redeeming about it in some strange way however.


Verdict – 6/10 – One wishes they could be more involved. To see their mind truly tested; the ride has sadly pulled up to it’s timely destination. I’ve become comfortably numb


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