Crobot – Something Supernatural (2014) – Album Review


Listening to “Something Supernatural” it’s a wonder Crobot aren’t more well known. In an age when heavy blues based music is making waves, thanks to the likes of Joe BonamassaRival SonsBlack Stone Cherry and many more, Crobot in time will be at heading towards the top of this list.

‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’ and ‘Nowhere to Hide’ should be enough to convince you of Crobot‘s brilliant sound. The instruments are funky, bluesy and enough to bang your head to whilst the vocals are definitely one of the best belts of the past few years; great range and a naturally attractive tone, vocalists can make or break a band. It should be about the instrumentals but without a competent vocalist all could fall apart. Crobot have no worries here.

It might be irelevent but they have great song names: ‘Legend of the Spaceborne Killer’, ‘The Necromancer’, ‘La Mano de Lucifer’, and ‘Tap Dancin’ on a Tightrope’ are just a couple.

‘Le Mano de Licifer’ arguably displays the best mix of dynamic Crobot possess. With a softer, blues introduction but building up into a heavier riff based passage of music that once again fantastically explores the vocalists range.

There’s a bit of polishing no doubt but for a first full album there’s plenty of ground to launch themselves from. A little more development on the sound, perhaps diving a little deeper into the more obscure territories only touched upon in “Something Supernatural”. Then again, they could probably put the same sound out in two years time and it would still be just as good.

Verdict – 8/10 – Strong first debut album, very strong and very up beat


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