Black Veil Brides – Black Veil Brides IV (2014) – Album Review


Black Veil Brides latest self-titled is a bag of old tricks. It’s clear they’re tailoring to their audience whilst trying to steal other fans where they can. Anthemic choruses, harmonised guitars, less growls; it’s like listening to Avenged Sevenfold in another universe. No real tracks stand out above the rest and it’ll be the likely case of the singles being the only songs anyone knows. They will claim they welcome the criticism and it’s their fans who matter anyway but a less offensive statement would be to produce a degree of music with a soul instead of forcing faux emotions down the ears of teenagers.

It’s redeeming purpose, as with the majority of their releases and similar bands it’s gateway effect. Kids will listen to this, get into metal and discover a myriad of better bands if they so wish. There’s nothing wrong with ignoring this ambition and settling for rehash “pop-metal” but that’s where music fans differ from music lovers. “Black Veil Brides IV” is a great gateway album, but it’s more people who “like metal” but don’t really know what metal is.

Verdict 4/10 – Not bad but there’s no soul nor life in “Black Veil Brides IV”. Uninspiring.

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