Tool Album Update?

Screenshot 2014-10-26 at 20.35.45

You’ve already seen it but I’ve got nothing else to talk about. Tool fans know that for years the band have been slowly edging closer to a new album, with fake news, real news, absurd news and believable news they are no closer to navigating this mist than they were when the 10,000 Days Tour ended all those years ago. Or are they?

Studio posts are not new to Adam Jones’ instagram feed (@AdamJones_TV), the man is a hard working creator and artist. However what is really to take away from this picture isn’t the studio, it isn’t the band being present, it isn’t Danny Carey‘s lovely smile. It’s Maynard.

Again most Tool fans will already have picked up on this but for those that haven’t this represents a significant evolution of the upcoming Tool album. Maynard has been known to say he leaves the writing to the band and once they’re done he will come in and offer his lyrical insight and record vocals. He’s in the studio, has the music been written?

A picture tells a thousand words: If one were an optimist this means that Tool are finished with the new album instrumentally and Maynard is working on his vocals, his fingers in his ears and mouth open to perfect the pitch and pick the best notes. If one were a pessimist, or cautious which would not be a surprise for a Tool fan, so used to false news, it’s just another mickey take and the album is still 120 years away.

Let’s be optimistic however shall we? And whilst we’re being optimistic, blast “Lateralus” as loud as your speakers permit. Failing that listen to Soen‘s “Cognitive” because it sounds A LOT like Tool but in a good kind of way… it’s definitely ripped off… but… I don’t really care.


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