Science & Fiction Display True Ambition



If you have a spare 7 minutes I implore you to watch Ambition. This short feature stars Aidan Gillen and Aisling Franciosi and displays what initially is science fiction but ultimately is clearly about how science-fiction is becoming reality. Whilst the science technically alludes me it is still an interesting piece to come from those involved with the Rosetta Mission. 

It’s well shot and the computer graphics fit seamlessly with the barren landscape and real cast members. However, though impressive it is it’s more important at the far reaching consequences this will have. Presenting a real, and important mission, in a fictional setting has already garnered plenty more interest than the mission would have without.

The conceptual imagination behind Ambition will spurn massive interest for both the science and the science fiction community. It’s perhaps true that such a state of science-fiction blending with reality could not have been achieved until more recent years in our young Space Age.

It will neither appeal nor interest some but clearly from the comments people are enquiring what the Rosetta Mission is and are using science-fiction question pertaining to our origins to enhance their interest.

It’s an odd move by the E.S.A but if you watch this feature, you’ll soon agree it’s a great one.

Aidan Gillen also is starting to feel like a young John Hurt, which is also cool.

It’s 7 minutes long, your newsfeed can wait.


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