Pulled Apart By Horses – Blood (2014) – Album Review



Leeds locals Pulled Apart By Horses have offered their latest album “Blood” up to the table of scrutiny. Their alt.Rock sound goes further with this record, immediately sounding familiar yet different to their last. Sounding more early 90s, late 80s American Surf Rock than the previous releases, “Blood” contains more catchy songs, written very maturely but still packs the youthful punch that the band are garnering a reputation for.

Opener ‘Hot Squash’ immediately draws upon modern Foos influences, however dives quickly into darker territory  popularised by Queens of the Stone Age. A co-headline tour between these with Pulled supporting would probably be the ultimate goal. What follows is clearly something that would have been one of the best underdog albums of the 90s. ‘Lizard Baby’ is the first “chanty” song, brilliantly written for the live atmosphere.

“Blood” has it’s share of what would be happy catchy songs for playing at the beach. The grunge influence and raspier vocals add an extra texture that prove this album was definitely released 20 years too late. The best thing about it is the dirtiness it has, the pace rarely lets up too which can be a criticism as much as a compliment. It’d be nice if things slowed down once in a while, not for a ballad, but just bringing in the ‘stoner vibes’, however it’s an adrenaline album that gets the blood pumping.

The album does peter out towards the end, the vibe is still the same and is likely just a case of mis-dynamics. Had they altered a bit it would have given the journey the proper lift and fall it needed. Saying that ‘Medium Rare’ is one of the better tracks, with the clear grunge vibe. That and closer ‘Golden Monument’.

Verdict – 7/10


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