Royal Blood – Royal Blood (2014) – Album Review


Royal Blood are an exceptionally talented duo who without releasing an album have already amassed a gigantic fanbase. Packing out festival tents in the afternoon is no easy feat but Royal Blood had thousands swarming the venues. They’re debut album sees the songs which everyone knows so well, but doesn’t know how, release together in a 30 minute order.

30 minutes doesn’t seem very long but with the single pace of the album it flows well and any longer would result in neck injuries or tiresome of the vibe. The second album will likely be longer and with softer dynamics. There’s a lot of energy in “Royal Blood” and it’s something that needs to be crafted carefully from now on. With the instant success of the album it’ll gain the attraction of money markers who are intent to put their mark on the music industry, as long as Royal Blood can continue crafting their unique rock music.

The opening three tracks summarise the album best. ‘Out of the Black’ is a head banging anthem whilst ‘Come On Over’ adds in elements of Muse and Rage Against the Machine, with ‘Figure It Out’ being the ultimate in catchy rock songs. ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ too brings in the elements of those two bands, in a huge song that’ll be ringing in your head for days.

Not every track is 100% but the vast majority, especially the ones mentioned, hit the mark beautifully. It’s catchy in a pop element but it’s not sanitised, still containing it’s raw passion and emotion that certifies this as one of the better rock albums you’ll hear on Radio One this year. Seriously big things to come from this duo and for a band without a guitarist they could be the next band that brings guitars back. The modern music scene has a lot of guitar music without realising, Royal Blood however may bridge the gap between the ‘single listeners’ and the ‘album listeners’.

Verdict – 8/10 The next big rock band, as long as they stay on the right track.


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