Listening Playlist – August 2014

A lot of these are based on my experience at Reading Festival so actually contains stuff I hadn’t heard before. Also contains some classics but only 3 are albums I’d heard more than once before the festival.

  • Songs for the Deaf – Queens of the Stone Age – Absolutely shone at Reading. Definitely one of the best bands there and arguabley the best headliner. From front to back they were enjoyable.
  • Royal Blood – Royal Blood – A new band who managed to pack out their tent at Reading. Big things to come from this band, interesting style of just bass and drums but arguably using just the rhythm section gives them the advantage over the over saturation of guitar/drummer duos. Imagine Muse but raw.
  • Himalayan – Band of Skulls – There’s something about southern styled rock that’s actually from England (the south as it happens). BOS are catchy and have some great songs that have that vintage feel.
  • Pale Communion  Opeth – Naturally brilliant. Strong release and a clear comfortable direction. Enjoyable for anyone who likes the band’s current direction or if you appreciate music, truly beautiful.
  • Pulled Apart By Horses – Pulled Apart By Horses – The debut of this band is great. Exciting and fun. Doesn’t take itself too seriously but is evident it’s not a parody. A fun and dirty rock album
  • Heaven & Earth – Yes – Surprisingly decent despite the immense history. Nowhere near as good as the classics but it’s light and happy which is all it takes to make something good.
  • Möngöl Hörde – Möngöl Hörde – Violent. Only really included because of their live show but the album is decent. They have to be seen live though.
  • Once More ‘Round the Sun – Mastodon – Listened to many a time but still great. Probably not as good as the rest of their albums, at least most but it’s good enough.
  • AM – Arctic Monkeys – This is the Monkeys‘ “Black Album”. It’s enjoyable, catchy and all round good. But it’s not as good as the later albums and now they have to be careful with their next release. Let the producers and board in too much then the northern charm will have all but disappeared.
  • Snakes & Arrows – Rush – Hadn’t heard this album before but upon listening I’d realised how many songs I actually liked, from watching the live shows. It’s not wall to wall but ‘Far Cry’ and ‘Working Them Angels’ are brilliant whilst the instrumentals pack a punch.

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