The Expendables 3 (2014) – Film Review


Expendables 3 expands on the previous two instalments, and by that it adds a bigger cast and changes the locations of the explosions. The bigger cast however is not just another load of 80s action heroes (some of them are) but instead a fresh batch of youth in the toughest of the young guns. It’s a risky move that actually works off quite well with the ‘old’ finally letting go of their history and passing the ‘action movie’ mantle onto a younger generation. That said the stars are the experienced. With additions from Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes (great reference to his personal life in the opening scene), Mel Gibson, Kelsey Grammer, and Antonio Banderas the cast is given an added vibrancy from the gun-ho tough man cast we’ve become used to.

Statham and the rest of the boys fall out of the picture towards the middle part of the film which is a great shame. However it does do well to balance between all the members of the cast. Giving only Stallone more than average screen time.

Action wise it’s the same as before only somehow with worse CGI. It’s not just a case of USING CGI in the first place, but when it’s done so badly it takes you away from the moment and the action stars who seemed so carefree now care too much about health. Perhaps the budget was blown on the explosions, which is understood.

It’s a decent “leave your brain at the door” dumb-fun action film, better than the first one but missing the spark and surprise of the first one. They need to bring back the ludicrous gore, Terry Crews blowing the guts out of people in the first one is way better than using a minigun and people falling over in a rain of sparks. If there is an Expendables 4 or if “Expendabelles” really is a thing it needs to get improved CGI, spend more time on REAL action sequences (see The Raid) and add in the gore. They’re F-in and S-in all over the place so what’s a bit of blood, it’s a movie where they’re paid to kill people… why does it matter if you see their guts.

If you liked the previous you’ll like it. If you didn’t you probably won’t. But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just a bit of fun.

Verdict – 5/10 – Fun enough but a return to REAL action would be better

P.S – For all you football fans. Victor Ortiz looks like Sergio Aguero


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