Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) – Film Review



The most anticipated summer blockbuster since Avengers is here. After the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer wowed it’s way through the internet it did not hide the secret that this would be a thrill ride. The trailer practically promised better humour, bigger action scenes, and brand new characters as well as boasted a whole arsenal of other brilliant devices. It well and truly delivered.

This film is kind of parallel to Avengers but using characters we don’t know and for that reason it’s probably better. The weight of ego on each character isn’t carried and as the majority of them are new characters to most people there is freshness about them. Their humour and mannerisms are new and unique. What the creators need to do is sit Michael Bay down in front of this film and have it on repeat for eternity. This is how a summer blockbuster should be made and they prove that just because you have a high budget, high action, high cgi mainstream film does not mean it has to feel used and tired. The soundtrack is absolutely killer, the action scenes are easy to follow, well stylised and colourful and the characters are easy to fall in love with. Characters including the computer generated Groot and Rocket. It’s hard to describe how this film hit the nail on the head so perfectly but it’s ambition to blow you out the water and reintroduce the ‘comic’ style of films balanced perfectly with it’s slower scenes. By slow scenes that does not mean the film dropped. Marvel films of late have had a part where it drops and the film doesn’t really know where it’s going, Guardians however is the perfect roller-coaster of hilarity, action and emotion.

If there was one element it could improve upon it would be it’s villains. One budding customer proclaimed “Best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back.” which given the similarities visually, and the fact it is not set on Earth is a fair statement. Star Wars however had a better audience attachment to it’s villains and by Empire Strikes Back they were fully fledged characters instead of just ‘baddies’, this is literally the only thing where Guardians of the Galaxy does succeed 100%, even then it’s still like 99% success.

Given that the main criticism is “villains could have been more emotionally impacting on the audience” says a lot about the film. The fact it ticks mostly all the boxes, and one box is just a smaller tick. This film proves that Marvel have the ability to literally print money, and also they can refresh it and do it in an entertaining way instead of delivering the same dull ride with tired and used characters.

Verdict – 9/10 – THE summer blockbuster that all must see


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