Godzilla (2014) – Film Review



The world’s most infamous monster emerges from the depths to destroy humanity once more. At least that’s what the trailer says…

The original teaser trailer for Godzilla was annoyingly one of the best thing about the film: the ominous score, the brilliant cinematography, the haunting feeling of something dark lurking around you. The scene appears in the film but feels out of place. Godzilla itself is barely in the film as the film brings in another species the human are to fear as well as crams in as much footage of people caring as possible.

On the whole it’s enjoyable, a little long, but the action set pieces are great. Cinematography again, when the camera shows landscape it’s a breathtaking moment and the sheer scale of destruction is nigh on incomprehensible (unless you saw Pacific Rim… in which case it’s pretty much that without robots). The film falters however in not showing enough of it’s two core components; Godzilla, and Bryan Cranston. Yes the man in the other trailers which made people say “ooh I like Breaking Bad I’ll see this” is merely a supporting actor in the grand scope and leaves in his wake the platform for Aaron Taylor-Johnson to deliver a dodgy, typical soldier performance.

Monster movies focus too much on the human side of things, even when they are done well it’s an unnecessary component that feels unneeded. People pay to see a film called Godzilla, if you’re going to make it two hours make it two hours of Godzilla smashing everything. Not the human struggle, another monster and then throw in ole when the audience start yawning. Of course that’d probably turn it into a B-movie but maybe that’s the problem. Monster films may smash the box office like they smash the Golden Gate Bridge (every film! Why?!) and pack out cinemas for days on end, but the likelihood is they’ll never be hailed as classics. Never be repeat viewings by those who truly love their films. That’s what made Pacific Rim enjoyable, it knew what it was which ludicrous and didn’t fall at the same hurdles Michael Bay’s Transformers did. Godzilla however struggles. It doesn’t hobble along but it’s still massive set pieces interspersed with generic script, and that is what may leave many with greater desires.

Verdict – 3/5 – It’s not a great story, but the visuals during the action scenes are entirely worth your time. The climatic scene is a thing of destructive beauty.


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