Steel Panther – All You Can Eat (2014) – Album Review


Well they’re back again. Either you favourite band or the band you most loathe, they are back. What a way to come back as well. Staring at the album art you know that they’ve kicked the controversy into another gear, perhaps one that’s much more subtle and disguised and something divine. ‘Glory Hole’ begs to differ.

Steel Panther have pushed the boat out to some degree with this album. The introduction to ‘Pussywhipped’ actually begins in a way which echoes an early Metallica track. Within a minute a heavier dosage of modernised glam metal pours forth and slowly but surely the gratuitous lyrical nature seeps through. It’s expected though and those who are easily offended can’t really hold any valid criticism on that front, the band are clear what the song’s nature is about and are even clearer on the fact they don’t care. Parody aside Steel Panther seem to be writing great rock songs, if the lyrics were changed. The huge variety of guitar riffs that Satchel has in his near infinite arsenal are something many can admire, his guitar solos still amaze those who are utterly familiar with his music.

The album does not have many initial hits as “Feel the Steel” or “Balls Out” but ‘Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World’, ‘Gloryhole’ and ” are instantly catchy songs that, even with the filler, make it enjoyable. The filler isn’t bad either, they still hold their meriting qualities, mostly through their hysterical lyrics. ‘Fucking my Heart in the Ass’ and

‘Bukkake Tears’ actually sounds somewhat wasted, in a good way. The dark and mysterious allure of the introduction and verse section is fantastic and somehow holds a nostalgic quality to it. If you hum the melody the song remains beautiful, even when they’re still added its’ still hilariously wondrous. Whether it’s this song, “If You Really Really Love Me” or “Community Property” Steel Panther seem to make something beautiful in a highly disturbing way. Fairplay to them.

The previous albums are better but this is still enjoyable, and given the live environment the songs will be included in one of the best live shows you’ll see that year. Regardless of the songs content it’s good to have a laugh, and whilst songs with deeper content and meaning are preferred it’s a bit of fun and a reminder to not take things so seriously, regardless of your pretensions to music to just have a bit of fun with easy music and brilliant lyrics.


Verdict – 3.5/5

p.s There’s a song called ‘Gangbang at the Old Folks Home’…. come on…


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