Issues – Issues (2014) – Album Review


Issues began making tremors through the labelling of ‘metal mixed with R&B’, modern R&B that is. The blend seems as though it could be interesting however the début self-titled album proves that this blend has it’s limitations, and within it’s limits it still lacks.

Despite the seemingly original mash-up of genres the actual sound on this album appears to be another Pop/Metal combination. A blend which too is consistently met with less than favourable reviews. However the ambition is admirable, the execution is where it lacks, ‘The Langdon House’ or ‘Mad At Myself’ represent the worst instance of this train wreck combination.  Both the clean and the screamed vocals yield no menace or passion, the clean vocals being notably weak. Yes, there is an audience who listens to this however, and an audience who will love the album. Criticism comes too easily however. ‘Tears on the Runway, Part 2′ features an artist known as Nylo, and whilst she does have a good voice the vocals seem to be at an imbalance with the rest of the track whilst also being vocal melodies one would hear on an N-Dubz track combined with a guitar (wait, didn’t Dappy already do that with Brian May? *sighs*).

This may be an incredibly critical review but a quick listen to the first few tracks sets the scene for every single other track on the album. Metal mashups can work, but perhaps if they picked a less boring section of modern R&B it’d work slightly better. It can be enjoyed on a mind-numbing day or to those who are fans of synth induced, autotuned hardcore music, but to everyone else it isn’t an issue.

Verdict – 2/5


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