Dallas Buyers Club (2013) – Film Review

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Dallas Buyers Club is an extraordinary story about a victim of HIV and his journey to self-betterment and his realisation of those around him. Matthew McConaughey‘s depiction of the gaunt faced Ron Woodroof is great an example of the destination that was rightfully attained after his romantic comedy era. Matthew however is arguably bested by Jared Leto who plays another AIDs stricken victim, this time a transvestite by the name of Rayon. The two’s chemistry is a foundation upon which the film’s story glides and the audience too will feel a strange adoration with the curious Rayon and understand Woodroof‘s satisfaction in her company. Both actors too had lost a tremendous amount of weight to perfectly play their characters.

The story is based on truth and if the art remains true to the source it is commendable so much more. The muti-year spanning journey Woodroof takes is easily to follow and despite the large gaps between some scenes the story doesn’t jump from point to point and remains easy to follow. Director  Jean-Marc Vallée is not a mainstream director but his talent is clear in the 116 minutes and his launch into the mainstream may not be so far off.

Dallast Buyers Club may sadly be one of the films that goes just slightly under the radar. The likelihood however is it will be a cult classic in years to come and a launch pad for the maker’s greater adventures. The story too should be remembered as a demonstration of how humans can change and the lengths those in desperation will go to survive. Though Woodroof sadly succumbed to illness in 1992 his story can finally be viewed by a wider audience.

Verdict – 5/5


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