The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) – Film Review


“Wolfie! Wolfie! Wolfie!”. DiCaprio ride the helm of the H.M.S Narcotics riding the seas of debauchery. Like an anti-hero Robin Hood as the film states, he “Steals from the rich and keeps from himself”. The presentation and premise are clear, DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort admits excessive drug use, solicitation of prostitutes and obsession with money and he presents the self-destructing lifestyle in a brilliantly enticing way. Scorsese‘s latest explores the lift of Belfort and his lifestyle, how his choices impact on the world around him and how self-destruction ultimately begins the destruction of things around you. This may seem a bit generic but the delivery is much more original and dives into territory films on self-destruction and bladder annihilation may sometimes avoid. The comedy is laced perfectly between the dialogue and makes the film seem even more real. Real reactions to absurd situations instead of a wholly passionate drunk reeling off ink from paper.

Though perhaps a little long the film rarely drops the adrenaline and manages to pick up very fast. Some viewers may believe the skinny naked women are the cheap way of maintaining contact, perhaps these people may be right but these boring viewers can’t understand it’s the context that makes it hilarious. Story wise it’s movements are all interesting and it’s exceptionally easy to follow, especially in a time when rubbish writers are making films ludicrously complicated for absolutely no reason. Whilst the supporting cast are great, notably Hill, it really is DiCaprio who is due the credit. The final shreds of his teen-heart-throb status must have finally be gone, if snorting cocaine out of a hookers behind doesn’t get rid of that who knows what will? He doesn’t care what happens when in front of the camera, notice his facial expressions during the drug scenes or any scene to be honest. The straining of the face adds weight to the context and the lack of shame makes him ever more brilliant.

There are great merits to this film, DiCaprio’s acting being the main highlight, Scorsese’consistently great direction and a killer story to back up. Recapping it is a long film, too long perhaps but it just about gets away with it. The combination of black comedy and drama is mixed into this concoction and The Wolf of Wall Street is inhaled easily and enjoyably.

Verdict – 4.5/5


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